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I believe that prevention of disease and maintaining wellbeing is the least expensive, most effective health care there is. Physical health is one aspect. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual health are the others. At the individual level, our bodies or “soul machines” start to manifest symptoms of illness as part of a larger situation that is not serving us.

Nutrition attention, physical activity, and inspiring messages all influence and improve our health. At the community level, I work with groups of people who ask more practical questions like: “Can a person walk to the grocery store in town if they don’t have a car, or do they have to drive? Is the store within walking distance merely a convenience store that does not offer healthy food?” “What would it take for people living in poverty to shop at the local Farmers’ Market? Could this act reduce hospital visits and improve the local economy?”

A scarier question underneath this is: “Who has the right to experience life with joy?”

So I’m trained and certified in a physical practice called resistance flexibility, I actively promote and participate in a multi-farm CSA project that puts local organic farm products into the local economy and local bodies, and represent a supplementation product partner that bridges gaps toward optimal nutrition.

I can help with personal health improvement, economic health improvement process, and public health policy.

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