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I have spent the past 25 years helping communities, regions, clubs and organizations and individuals manage change through systems where change is hard. Reimagining a downtown. Reimagining health. Reimagining our essence through the following ways of working:

Inspired Action

The best plans can rapidly lose steam if it takes too long to implement, or it feels like just a few people are deciding for everyone in the group. A balance of progress and process is necessary, and I can help.

Serious Fun

When we agree to be with each other in a way that builds trust in our own authentic voice and honors the dreams of others, we’re well on our way. This is a skill set we can learn. It’s really fun to see what new ideas can come from unlikely voices.

Transformative Change

How will the work that we do improve lives? Is there enough urgency to fuel a movement? How do we tell our story in a way that will attract resources?
Hint: I like to think of Collective Impact as working with people who don’t have to do what you say.

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