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…And Upper Limit Problems in General

Man, the Universe is giving it to me big. As I sat on this airplane: 1A, thank you very much, I can’t help but feel like the most famous movie star in the world. I’m returning home from a trip to Dallas, where I was invited to represent my community at the national AARP Conference. And they thought of all the details: flight, hotel, Lyft, meals, and gluten-free snack options.

And the whole thing was about Aging in Place, learning about housing, amenities, supports, and trends for creating a better later life. Sheesh.

Mom and Dad have been with me for 6 months, and I needed to get smart on this stuff, and mighty quick. I desired to broach the subject of the social equity mindset in my public speaking in a way that challenges without alienating. Last but not least, I wanted to wear what I wanted with shoes that slay, with my newfound superpowers courtesy of my friend Carrie Montgomery. No less than 3 people came up to me to thank me for my talk, and another 3 women fawned on the shoes. I ran into some people I know from my days in the Main Street movement, and I remembered anew what I love about this work. It makes me want to use words like “anew”.

In between these times that life is challenging me, I am having a full, abundant moment. My kids are bringing their loves home for Thanksgiving, and and my man has a new gig in headquartered in Pittsburgh, a city that I love to visit.

I’m making peace with my body on a deeper level too, as I figure out what food helps it work best. It’s been a long time coming for all of it, and the blessings keep coming. Yesterday I used something called a leafblower for the first time as I did my yard work, which was super-fun and I felt like a Ghostbuster. I can’t recommend that device highly enough when the leaves of the entire neighborhood are stacked against you and your house. (Seriously, the dogs couldn’t even get outside, they were so deep.)

And now that I know Trader Joe’s sells coconut cream in easy-open cans, I just might be able to see the light.

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