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Have you seen your community struggle to come together and get caught up in the same old unravelings and wondered: Can it be different? Can it be better?

Have you done all the “right” things for your health and the health of your community, but the results you seek are not showing up for you and those you care about?

Do you feel the need to be a part of a larger conversation to invite and include those who are not thriving?

How do you even start that conversation?

Well…with hello.


I don’t know what drew you here, but I’m glad you found me. Let’s get started.

Jen’s Blog

10 Tools for Today’s Woman

We knew this day was coming. 6 months ago, Mom and Dad moved in, with Mom’s dementia symptoms becoming more apparent. Specialist after specialist ruled out physical illnesses, and this next-to-last-one, geriatrics, was the one I was deeply dreading and looking forward...

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The Great Glass Elevator Speech

Boy do I love what it looks like. Or, better yet, do I have attachment to what it looks like. I want my life to be defined in a way that other people understand it, in 25 words or less. My elevator speech. If you asked me 25 years ago, however, what I was "doing these...

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I've been a bad neighbor. Mission creeper, rescuer, and all around resident in the land of distraction. Mostly distracted by other people's stuff. Also, I seem to be addicted to people who don't give a rip about me. Even more so if they openly dislike me. What's a...

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