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Have you seen your community struggle to come together and get caught up in the same old unravelings and wondered: Can it be different? Can it be better?

Have you done all the “right” things for your health and the health of your community, but the results you seek are not showing up for you and those you care about?

Do you feel the need to be a part of a larger conversation to invite and include those who are not thriving?

How do you even start that conversation?

Well…with hello.


I don’t know what drew you here, but I’m glad you found me. Let’s get started.

Jen’s Blog

Digestion and Mischief

2017 was a year full of transition, learning and disequilibrium for me. Maybe all years are like that, but I set about to shift my world and the world of those around me, with intention. I knew Mom and Dad were moving in, and wanted to have my “house in order” for...

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A New Table of Thanksgiving in an Ageless Home

...And Upper Limit Problems in General Man, the Universe is giving it to me big. As I sat on this airplane: 1A, thank you very much, I can't help but feel like the most famous movie star in the world. I'm returning home from a trip to Dallas, where I was invited to...

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