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Have you seen your community struggle to come together and get caught up in the same old unravelings and wondered: Can it be different? Can it be better?

Have you done all the “right” things for your health and the health of your community, but the results you seek are not showing up for you and those you care about?

Do you feel the need to be a part of a larger conversation to invite and include those who are not thriving?

How do you even start that conversation?

Well…with hello.


I don’t know what drew you here, but I’m glad you found me. Let’s get started.

Jen’s Blog

The Grinch Age

Tomorrow I will be 53. If you're at all familiar with Dr. Seuss, you know that the Grinch was 53 when he stole Christmas. With his Grinch feet ice cold in the snow. And you know, I'd like my heart to feel not so tight. I just got word earlier this week that I am, in...

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Community and Challenge

For decades I’ve worked with communities: groups of people who come together for a cause, in most cases toward a more dynamic city or better health for everyone. There are best practice activities to engage in, and lots of resources out there. And yet over and over...

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Spanx, Mini m&m’s and Parker Palmer

Here in rural Maine, some things are hard to come by. So for most of us, even those like me who pride ourselves on supporting the local economy, Amazon is occasionally a blessing. With my parents' arrival in May, the daily demands, although really light at the moment,...

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