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Have you seen your community struggle to come together and get caught up in the same old unravelings and wondered: Can it be different? Can it be better?

Have you done all the “right” things for your health and the health of your community, but the results you seek are not showing up for you and those you care about?

Do you feel the need to be a part of a larger conversation to invite and include those who are not thriving?

How do you even start that conversation?

Well…with hello.


I don’t know what drew you here, but I’m glad you found me. Let’s get started.

Jen’s Blog

A Decade from Now, Brothers and Sisters

Love and Change A decade from now, brothers and sisters, my parents will be gone. I may be a grandmother, for love is on its way to my grown children. That which I long for today will have long since been attained or forgotten. Now, though, is my time with my Mom and...

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Tweeting for Equity? #100mlives and Just-y Jen

On Valentine’s Day I participated in something called a Twitter chat. As a person who does not consider herself adept at technology, i.e. Mom: “The VCR just kept flashing 12:00 so I put a piece of tape on it”, there were many layers of growing necessary to actually...

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“And we’re walking…”

"A movement requires, you know, moving"-Jennifer Olsen Integration is the word for 2017. Integration of beliefs into action. I tend to require a physical manifestation from myself and the world, and that social media ain't action. And yet… A year ago I left the train...

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